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Namib MTB 4 Day Challenge 2021

The first Mabaruli Namib MTB 4 Day Challenge took place

12 – 16 May 2021

This is a GREAT family friendly event, were mom, dad, grannies, grandpa’s, friends & kids where all welcome! As like our Schapies MTB Challenge, Team Mabaruli catered for everything, camping, food & cycling!

DAY 1 - STAGE 1 - 12 MAY 2021 - 5KM

Located at the top of Spreetshoogte Pass & only 2 hours from Windhoek.

With gradients between 1:4.5 and 1:6 it is the steepest pass in Namibia, as well as the one straddling the biggest elevation difference, descending almost 1,000 meters (3,300ft) within 4 kilometers of road.

Who conquered the Spreetshoogte Pass & was crowned King & Queen of the Mountain!? Cyclists with fastest time to the top was:


Pierre Lambert with a time of 29:00 minutes


Wilmien Chamberlain with a time of 36.01 minutes

Day 1 & 2 Overnight host: Namibgrens Guest Farm holds many unspoken promises for nature lovers, soul seekers and other extraordinary people. It is set in the perfect location, far enough from the hustle of busy towns but close enough!


DAY 2 - STAGE 2 - 13 MAY 2021 - 70KM MARATHON

With rocky ever-changing landscape with rich fauna & flora, exploring nature on challenging, but picturesque cycling routes! Namibgrens

Kids had a great13km fun ride!


DAY 3 – STAGE 3 – 14 MAY 2021- 65KM

45km from Namibgrens (210km from Windhoek). Donkerhoek is located just before the iconic Namib village of Solitaire, at the foot of the Spreetshooge Pass on Route D1275

Donkerhoek is home to more than 130km's of trails of which about 60km's is curated natural single tracks through beautiful Namib Landscapes! - We all love single tracks!!


DAY 4 – STAGE 4 – 15 MAY 2021 – 70KM

Tackling notorious trails like Side winder, Wolf se Gat, Death Valley, Top Deck & Deception is just a few to name! You better be prepared for some serious technical & fitness challenge, but hey, its a Challenge indeed!!

Kids 5 to 15 km Fun ride and for the older adventurous kids (ages 12-15), they can tackle the 30km trail!

Mabaruli's Final stage of the 4 Day Namib MTB Challenge 2021, was at Donkerhoek Desert Trails, where riders were spoilt by experiencing the Namib from the best vantage point on the seat of their mountain bike.

One rider mentioned that he had tears in his eyes by the beauty of the scenic trails & Namibia's magnificent landscapes!!

3 & 4 our Overnight host: Donkerhoek Desert Trails

14 & 15 May 2021

With remote, unique, private, breath-taking & challenging cycling routes!

Mabaruli African Safaris will setup camp near the big riverbed, with large camelthorn trees, with chill zones for all riders & their families.

Mabaruli African Safaris, we cook, we skaap spitbraai, you ride, non riders chill & kids ride & play! "Lekker kuier" with like minded cyclists & their families!

Day 3 - Stage 3 of the 4 Day Namib Challenge 2021 - bikes were loaded on vehicles, we waved goodbye to Namibgrens & travelled by vehicle down Spreetshoogte Pass, where Stage 3 started.

GPS map routes were loaded on GPS & riders had the privilege to ride via GPS navigation on Donkerhoek & surrounding farm lands.

Donkerhoek Desert Trails is home to more than 130km's of trails of which about 60km's is curated natural single-track through some of the harshest, yet most beautiful Namib landscape.

Donkerhoek was our host for 3rd & 4th Night! Beautiful campsite next to riverbed, with great hot showers & flushable toilets!

We had some great Sponsors on board with the first 4 Day Namib Challenge:

SANTAM NAMIBIA – Namibia’s largest short-term insurer & whom Mabaruli have been insured for years, BIG Thank you for Sponsoring towards this event!! Great prizes & goods for goodie bags for all riders, supporters & Families.

GOZONE – For 4 days there was enough Water & Ice for all riders, Supporters & families!! Big thank you to them for keeping everyone hydrated & cooled down! Excellent water & ice!

CYMOT – Big Thank you to them for sponsoring prizes, cycling goods & vouchers for Wash & Lube of rider’s bikes at their Cycle Zone at Cymot City Centre.

LA SIGNS – Designing, making & Sponsoring all Trophies & Medals!! Always such efficient & professional to work with them, designing all our trophies & medals!! BIG THANK YOU!

FRANS-ANTHONIE GERBER PHARMACEUTICAL SALE – All the YOUTFUL LIVING goods! Oh wow, the RAWFOODBAR’s & CRUNCHIES was a huge hit with young & old, used in goodies bags & at waterpoints. Thanks also for prizes to give away to riders!

SQUIRT – For all the Chain Lube – that made sure all riders chains was lube over the 4 day’s riding!

NBL – Namibian Breweries Limited – Thanks for the cases of Windhoek beverages for riders to enjoyed after a stage ride, sunset’s & evenings next to the fire!!

NAMIB MILLS – Big thank you to them that sponsored BAKPRO BREAD, SUGAR KING, RICE KING, POLANA PASTA’s & TOP SCORE products that fed all our riders, supporters, families & crew of the 4 days!! Best products to use at home & at camp!

SEUN KESSLAU INSURANCE BROKERS – Big thank you for sponsoring water table & gazebo – keeping us shaded! If you need a reliable & dedicated Insurance Broker, Seun is your man to contact!

METRO KLEINE KUPPE Big thank you to METRO for also Sponsoring towards this event as well – your contribution also made a great success towards our event!