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How do you book?

On our Booking/Contact page you can email us directly and we will email you back in 24 hours with booking form for you to complete and return.

Will you need travel insurance?

Yes, it is strictly advisable that whilst travelling with Mabaruli African Safaris clients need to have Comprehensive Travel Insurance covering cancellation, medical expenses, and emergency travel with repatriation assistance and personal accident.

What do you need to take on safari with you?

On our Travel Tip page, we have put together a list of What to Bring on Safari, which could be handy for you to pack for your safari.

Will you need to bring along your own mattress and sleeping bag on your camping safari?

On all our camping tours, we provide a nice thick 5cm mattress for your comfort. You can either bring your own sleeping bag or hire one from us for N$ 30.00 per day. This must be booked and paid for prior your safari.

If you are a group of friends who would like to travel together, how can Mabaruli help you?

Let us know your group size and what you are interested and we can put an exciting tour together for your group of friends. You are welcome to make your own safari or we can help you design one and we can look if we can accommodate your dates.

Is Namibia a suitable destination for the family?

Namibia is a great family destination to visit, which is safe, adventurous and will be a memorable experience for children. Please see our Family Holidays page for more information on Family Holidays with Mabaruli.

What is the best way for you to bring your money on tour?

South African Rand can be used in conjunction with the Namibian Dollar and is accepted widely in Southern Africa. Best is to bring majority in cash (Either British Pound or US Dollars) as well as a credit card. You can exchange your currency to Namibian Dollar or South African Rand at the Airport.
Traveller’s cheques you can exchange only in large towns like Windhoek and Swakopmund. Most towns also have ATM machines available. It is advisable to keep your money safe with a money belt and to use safes in your lodge rooms or in the vehicles safe.

Will you be able to charge your digital camera batteries while on tour?

In Namibia we use the round 3 point plugs of 220 -240 Volts. You must make sure you have the right adaptor. On all our vehicles we have inverters for charging your camera batteries while the vehicle is on the move. All Lodges and sometimes campsites have electricity points. It is advisable to bring additional batteries with you on tour.

How is the food on tour?

On Mabaruli tours we can say with confident that you will enjoy all meals served on safari. All meals are nutritious, cooked and prepared on open fire by the guide and camp assistants, who pride themselves in catering for variety tastes. Please do let us know in advance if you have any dietary requirements.
A rough idea of what you can expect:
Breakfast – cereals and milk with bread/toast, jam, yogurt, muesli and fruit with coffee and tea or the occasional cooked breakfast.
Lunch – Mostly Picnic style lunches with cheeses, cold meats, tuna, fruit, pasta, salads and bread or rolls.
Dinner – potjies (stews), braais (barbecue), stir fries, curries ect prepared either on gas or open fire.

What is the best time to visit Namibia?

Namibia’s busiest season is from June to September, during this time, it is essential to book prior advance on a safari as space fill very fast on during this period. The weather is great to travel, but it can be very cold in the evenings. Otherwise Namibia is a great country to travel all year around.

Do Mabaruli have any cancellation fees and booking deposit requirements?

Cancellation fees is subject as to our Cancelation Policy
Mabaruli African Safaris doe require a booking deposit to secure your booking, the deposit payment are always on a non-refundable basis. The following cancellation charges are applicable:

  • 56 days or more prior - Deposit forfeited
  • 42 to 55 days prior - 35% of trip cost forfeited
  • 28 to 41 days prior - 50% of trip cost forfeited
  • 14 to 27 days prior - 75% of trip cost forfeited
  • Less than 14 days prior - 100% of trip cost forfeited

The above is applicable due to that most campsites and lodges needs a deposit payment to secure the booking and if there is any cancellation, Mabaruli African Safaris will forfeit the deposit that was paid to establishment or organization.