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Self Drive Tours or Guided Self Drive Tours


Self-drive Tours are an excellent way to see Namibia at your own pace. You can either choose to drive by yourself or have a guided driver who will drive for you. The guide/driver is experienced in overland travel and very knowledgeable as to the local conditions, wildlife and nature of Namibia.

Tours can be either chosen from what we have or tailor-made to suite your interest. Mabaruli will put the itinerary together and make all the reservations needed.

Our packages on self drive or guided self drive includes meeting you personally at the Hosea Kutako Airport (Namibia’s International Airport), with the vehicle of your choice, before escorting you to your accommodation in Windhoek for the evening. Our staff will brief you on your trip and provide you with all necessary information to make your journey.

Information includes all your booking details; detailed road map outlined your route, your full itinerary and any other additional information to your tour.

Mabaruli African Safaris management will be available to you 24 hours, 7 days a week, to offer you any additional assistance or advice you may require along the way.

Namibia has a variety of cultures, people, and places of interest, the Namib Desert, wildlife and fascinating sceneries to explore. Email us with your ideas, and we will be delighted to put together your own personalised itinerary to suite your preferred type of accommodations, approximate budges and dates of travel. We will take care of all reservations and logistics, to ensure your safari runs smoothly from beginning to the end. Making sure you take back memorable memories from your visit in Namibia.




  • You will need a valid driving license.
  • You must carry your passport and drivers license with you, when driving.
  • In Namibia we drive on the left side of the road.
  • Driver and all passengers must at all times wear they safety belts.
  • Vehicles tyres must have the correct air pressure.
  • Always carry water with you, especially travelling in remote and Desert Area.
  • Always watch the sides of the roads for animals, particularly at dawn and dusk.
  • Namibia’s tarred and gravel roads are generally in excellent condition.
  • Speed limits are 60km hour in urban areas, 120km hour on tarred roads on freeways, outside urban areas and 100km hour on open gravel roads.
  • The sand, salt and gravel roads are well maintained and easy to navigate, unless it is pouring rain, extra cautions should be taken.
  • Namibia have 5 500km of tarred roads and 37 000km of gravel roads, which a normal sedan can easily drive on.